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In southeast Minnesota sits the state capital, Saint Paul. Snow plays a large part in the Saint Paul, MN weather. With an annual average of 50.6 inches of snow, the winter climate here is cold and long. Don't let the colder weather fool you though because the summer season is warm and humid. Reports of deep snow are frequent in the Saint Paul, MN weather forecast. On average, January has 11 days out of the month with 10 inches of snow on the ground. Bring your snow shovel. In fact, it is not uncommon for the city to have snow packed up ten inches deep or more from November to April. January's temperature is a freezing 6 degrees with a high of only 23 degrees Fahrenheit. If you're from a warmer climate, the Saint Paul, MN weather conditions may surprise you.

Saint Paul, MN weather forecast

Local weather reports are not always fun to watch. However, the Saint Paul, MN weather forecast can be miserable. December through February have temperatures ranging from 7 -31 degrees. July is the warmest month in Saint Paul with a daily average of 83 degrees and a higher humidity level 33% of the time. The muggy weather lasts 3.3 months out of the year. These higher levels taper off in the fall when the cooler climate arrives. October in Saint Paul is a very pleasant 41 degrees as a low and only reaches 59 degrees for an afternoon high. On the other hand, November is a little bit on the colder side so grab a jacket. November's average low is on the chilly side at 27 degrees. This is the time of year that the Saint Paul, MN weather begins to warn of what's ahead. As a result, locals prepare.

Saint Paul, MN weather conditions

As previously discussed, the Minnesota temperatures can reach very chilling lows. Saint Paul, MN weather conditions are predictable though. Local residents know to dress in warm clothing in the winter. As well, they know what time of year they can expect to not plan outdoor activities. The colder months take awhile to getting use to. These conditions are not for the weak. The local meteorologist may present the Saint Paul, MN weather forecast with a smile. However, until you expose yourself to the actual climate it is hard to understand.

All in all, Minnesota does have some beautiful scenery. Planning ahead of time is key here though. The best time of year to visit does take some due diligent. A little bit of homework goes a long way. Mapped out accordingly, the Saint Paul, MN weather can be fantastic. This is a great region of the United States. From freezing cold to hot and humid, Saint Paul has it all. Above all, dress for the occasion.

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