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To understand the weather in St. Louis, Missouri you must first separate your focus off of the beautiful architecture and sites like the iconic 630 foot Gateway Arch. The variance in local temperature is somewhat of a roller coaster if you are accustomed to a cut and dry climate. The summer here is hot and muggy and the winters are on the chilly side. Annual low temperatures diving down to the 25 degree range while achieving a summer high of around 90 degrees. The hotter months usually last from May 25th to the end of September. Although not a constant 90 degrees during these few months, it still remains warm averaging 79 degrees. Typically, the second half of July is the hottest. The colder season lasts a little over three months in St. Louis from the end of November to around March 1st. Average temperatures ranging from a low of 25 degrees to a daily high of 50 degrees.

Snowfall only appears here about 15 days a year. January leads the pack as the month with the most snow and December and February each come in at a close tie for second place. January's annual average is 5.6 inches of snow over a five day period while December and February each have an average of 4.5 inches of snow over a 3.5 day period. Overall, St. Louis has an average of 18 inches of snow each year.

Rain falls quite often here. We experience about 95 to 100 days with rainfall here totaling an annual average of 23 inches. Don't let the number of rain days scare you from visiting St. Louis though. A rain day is defined as 0.04 inches or more so it could be a small shower and chances of getting wet are much lower. The wet season is typically from March 20th to August 29th where you have a 28% chance of getting rained on.  During the drier season your chances of getting wet is reduces to 16%. May sees the most rain totaling 4.1 inches January has the least amount of rain at only 1.6 inches.

Area Weather Facts

St. Louis drops in temperature to 0 degrees or below on average two nights a year.

Twenty days of each year never rise above freezing.

We only reach temperatures above 100 degrees two day a year.

Although not prone to tornadoes, St. Louis has experienced tornadoes quite a few times over the last century.

St. Louis Weather by Months


The hotter climate peaks in July with an average temperature in the 90 to 95 degree range.

September- October

Cooler temperatures have arrived and have delivered an 80 degree climate in September for an even colder weather temperature down to the 50 degree range in October.

November- March

Winds blow cold temperatures in the 30's during this time of year so dress warm. After all, this is winter in St. Louis. The afternoons can be very pleasant, but the low temperature average can be a surprise for visitors.

April- May

Spring in St. Louis is a short lived season, but it is beautiful. Temperatures average in the 65 degree range and the evenings are spectacular. The humidity levels are still relatively low so this is a great time for outdoor activities that depend on good weather.

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