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Minneapolis is known for it's significant variation of seasons and weather. During the muggy time of the year local residents and visitors experience a higher humidity level that lasts about 3.2 months. Beginning in June and remaining muggy through September 15th, the higher dew point keeps many indoors avoiding outdoor activity and awaiting the cooler season and weather ahead in months to come.

As promised, the dew point lowers and the humidity levels find a new low. It is a new season. Autumn is here and welcomes residents with a much cooler climate. Comfortable temperatures ranging in the 70's make it much more desirable to enter into the outdoors to enjoy the colors of Autumn and watch the leaves fall as colder winter weather is just around the corner. November brings the cooler temperatures that so many look forward to. The afternoon highs are usually 42 degrees and the evening lows range between 20 and 25 degrees.

Winter in Minneapolis begins in December as snow falls and will continue to do so through February. The average low temperature in January here is 8 degrees with a high temperature only reaching 24 degrees. Winter here is definitely a great time to find indoor activities. It will still be four months before residents here are able to experience temperatures hitting 70 degrees.

When people think of the weather from March, April and May, they think warm temperatures with afternoon rain showers. Spring in Minneapolis is quite different though. Yes, temperatures do begin to warm up but not as some would think. March is still very cold with evening lows of 24 degrees and afternoon high temperatures peaking at a chilling 41 degrees. If you plan on celebrating spring break poolside in your swimming attire, you may want to check the weather report first because the month of April here is still pretty cool. Although this is a beautiful time of year here, it is still on the cold side. The month's high temperature is a pleasant 58 degrees, but the average low is a frigid 37 degrees. May in my opinion is a great time of year to visit Minneapolis because the weather here is a very comfortable 69 degrees in the afternoon and only a low average of 49 degrees.

Summer in Minneapolis does have higher humidity levels, but the temperatures are a little cooler than other parts of the country. The month of June has an average high temperature of 79 degrees compared to July seeing a high of 83 degrees and August at 80 degrees. The average low temperatures here during the summer is pleasant 59 to 64 degrees which is great for planning outdoor events and activities.

On average, Minneapolis has 54 inches of snow per year. The term "White Christmas" holds true for this region of the country. December hare has an average of 11.5 inches of snow, but every several years it is not uncommon to reach as high as 16 inches for the month. Visitors are sometimes surprised to discover snowfall in April. This beautiful city averages 2.5 inches of snow in a month where other parts of the country are sun bathing. January sets the record here for a total of 12.1 inches of snow, but December has the most snow days.

Rain here begins to increase in monthly averages in spring. The month of April has an average of 2.64 inches. It gradually picks up and peaks out in August with an average rainfall of 4.29 inches. Occasional flooding can happen, but nothing compares to the flood that hit Minneapolis on July 23, 1987. Named by locals as "The Super Storm," this flood caused two deaths, damage to over 9000 homes and caused over $27 million in damages.

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