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There is a reason why Miami has so many visitors. Put simply, the weather. Yes, the clear blue sky, the restaurants and the night life do factor in as well. However, if you are looking for the perfect combination of rain, clouds, sunshine, tropical breeze and cool winters then this is your spot.

Summer in Miami is a bit on the humid side, but the sea breeze and common afternoon showers balance everything out nicely. June, July and August remain warm in the 85 degree range. If you plan your travel to Miami in June, bring an umbrella because average rainfall is just shy of 7 inches.

Fall in Miami is quite pleasant. Temperature from the summer heat drops to an average of 80 degrees which make the humid climate a bit more tolerable. But don't expect to see autumn leaves fall and migrating geese flying overhead because you are still in a warm tropical environment. Autumn is usually a pleasant time of the year in northern parts of the country so travel to Miami is much slower around this time, but that will soon change with winter around the corner.

Winter in Miami is not a time to break out your snow shovel. Pack your shorts because the afternoons are beautiful with a temperature average in the mid 70 degree range and the evening ocean breeze cools off to the 60's. With less than 2 inches of rain in December, It is no wonder why Miami is a key travel destination in the winter. Many retired couples from the blizzard snow frozen north actually call Miami their second home this time of year. Referred to as "snowbirds," seniors from around the country flock to this Florida sun filled gem yearly to enjoy the weather and escape from snow, sleet and blizzard conditions.

Finally, Spring is here. March, April and May are the very best months out of the year to enjoy the weather in Miami in my opinion. The lower humidity and the most sun filled days make this time of year a great time to visit the beach under the bright blue sky. Temperature range during these months is 76 - 82 degrees.

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