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We provide you local weather updates, radar maps and forecasts so you can plan your day and travel. Whether you are in Miami, New York City or California, outdoor conditions play a pivotal role in how we decide our activities. We understand how important weather conditions may be to you if you are traveling, planning an outdoor event or simply driving to the grocery store.

For example, the sky may be clear in Miami, Florida with a warm eighty degree breeze while storms rage through your point of destination in Manhattan, New York. A visit here can prepare you for all weather conditions that lie ahead. Large cities like San Francisco, St. Louis and Pittsburgh may have local forecasts provided by television and radio, but we provide a great service to the smaller regions of our great country with access to real time conditions of rain, tornadoes, floods and even clear blue skies.

Did you know that the United States had more floods in 2016 than any other year in recorded history? According to, 2016 was unfortunately a record year for climate related disasters.

Stay ahead of climate change 24 hours a day and join us here to avoid hazardous road conditions and rising flood waters. We also welcome you to visit us when the sky is blue and you are planning a great day at the beach or swimming pool. Water looks great in a glass, but tells a different story when it comes in the form of rain, sleet, snow and hail. We all know what our winters can bring. Summer can be just as brutal. The sun feels great on a cool day, but can deliver devastating results during a drought. Hurricanes can spawn tornadoes and flooding in one part of the nation while heat waves plague another.

Weather is sometimes unpredictable and that is where we come in. We provide 24 hour access to your local conditions, weather related news and so much more. From St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota to Orlando, Florida, we are here to provied you with the crucial imformation that will help you plan your day safely.


How to prepare for a Hurricane, Flood, Snow Storm & more.

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